For the time of site decommissioning of your factory or a plant we follow all the strictest rules and regulations, which makes our offer safe, reliable and attractive for our Clients.

Factory decommissioning services we offer:

  • Power supply isolation for the sake of protection, subsequent disconnecting and removal
  • Decommissioning planning, scheduling and management of the whole system shut off procedure
  • Recycling service
  • Demolishing of all the left empty spaces
  • Packing service for all the disconnected or decommissioned devices, systems and wiring

We offer a great deal of complete factory dismantling solutions from simple electrical system decommissioning to the whole factory dismantling and industrial equipment decommissioning and subsequent removal. All the equipment that have been decommissioned is professionally protected from the environment harmful conditions and can be placed in hired shipping containers, tort liner trailer or other facilities to prepare it for a subsequent re-installation.


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